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Here's what you get
in the course
Negotiation Skills for
Clinical Research Associates

Review/Introduction to basic negotiation skills that will be useful to you professionally as well as personally.

You will receive, at the end of the course, a resume of the course material.

If you pass the course, this material will be indispensable for future reference.

If you are less fortunate, it will be indispensable for review before the second attempt.

Here's what you have to do to succeed in the course:

  • listen and learn the material presented by the handsome David Tudor
  • answer 75% of the questions correctly, but note:
    • there are 24 units and one point per unit, so you need 18/24 to succeed
    • if you miss a question at the end of the unit, an explanation is given for the correct result and a second attempt is given to obtain the point for the unit (with a different question, of course)
  • You don't have to do the whole course in one sitting. Take a break and come back. We'll remember you!
  • A certificate will be conferred at the end of the course.

Convinced? Then click on the link at the right to take the course!!

  • Improve Investigator relations
  • Motivate your investigator
  • Convince others
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Turning adversaries into partners
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