Problem Solving of all Types :
Statistical and Mathematical Consulting
Conflit Management, Communication, Leadership
(since 2003)

Germinal Knowledge is a registered provider of continuing education in Alsace

Welcome to the new Web site 2018

After many years of offering services in the two areas of Statistical Consulting and Conflict Management, Germinal has decided to split the two activities. From now on, statistical and mathematical consulting will be the only activity of Germinal Knowledge and the Conflict Resolution activity will be the responsibility of our new program "Artisan of Peace".


  • Applied Biostatistics (especially clinical trials)
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Experimental Design
  • Health Authority Issues
  • General Problem Solving
  • Scientific Project Management


The durations of our trainings are from a half-day to 5 days depending on the goals and needs of the client.

Dans le cadre de notre activité Artisan de Paix, notre outil principal s'appele ValExp :
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The relationship with the Artisan of Peace :

Germinal Knowledge created the Artisan of Peace ( to continue our offerings in Conflict Mediation in the Workplace.


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